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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Who we are and where to find us

About Harley

  • House of Hacks is a video based site related to making things.

  • Hooked on Light is about all things photographic. Generally the articles are instructional in nature, but they may also include announcements of photography related events in the Salt Lake City, UT area.

  • Skylark Software is about things related to software development. The entries can range from general practices to technology specific things related to what I'm interested in and/or working on at the time.

  • The Episodic Author is about everything else that I may feel inclined to write about other than photography or software development. Typically, they are essays that revolve around my views of Christianity or politics but may certainly creep into other areas as well.

  • Twitter has random communication.

  • Flickr has photos for display.

  • iStockPhoto has photos for sale.

About Diane

  • Twitter has random communication.

  • Delightful Light is a summary of all the blogs authored by Diane.

  • Delightful Light Paints is a journal of Diane's development in the world of color.

  • Delightful Light Plays is a journal of Diane's development in the world of sound.

  • Delightful Light Photography is a journal of Diane's development in seeing the works of God's hands.

  • Lamplighter's Celebration is a blog to communicate between like minded individuals who seek to develop the skills and disciplines of humbling ourselves in the sight of God while at the same time shaking off the burdens religions have bound up on our backs. This blog is a sort of road map towards unity in Christ without human leadership.

  • Songs of Endearment is Diane's attempt to volunteer for the community through specific prayer, prophetic words of knowledge, and through dream interpretations.

  • Ramandu's Song is a journal of the things Diane sees in the Holy Bible.