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Friday, February 20, 2009

Harley's Twitter policy

Effective 22-Dec-2009, I post to four Twitter accounts:

  • hpebley3 receives all my postings: random stuff, religious, political, photographic, computers and software. Follow this stream if you want it all.
  • Hooked On Light receives just the photography related items I post on hpebley3. Follow this if you're interested in just the photography related postings.
  • Skylark Software receives all the computer and software related things I post on hpebley3. Follow this if you're interested in just the geeky stuff.
  • The Episodic Author receives all the random, religious and political postings. Follow this if you're interested only in the non-photography/computer/software geekdom postings.

This is a bit different than what I've done in the past. Previously, hpebley3 was the only account I posted to regularly. The other three were simply driven off the RSS feed for the accompanying blogs. In other words, the only things on those feeds were links to blog posts. They will now get a bit more traffic as I cross-post from the hpebley3 account. If you want it all, subscribe to hpebley3. If you want things filtered by topic, subscribe to one or more of the other three. If you subscribe to hpebley3 and one or more of the others, you'll get duplicate posts.

I hope that's all clear and that the change is helpful to my followers.